Fine wine is not just about what’s in the bottle, but also the stories contained within.  The Barrel Project was created with the goal of not only finding the best barrels of wine in the Pacific Northwest, but also relaying the stories that are unique to each vintage.  Every wine comes with a story.  It’s the story of the varietal, the ground in which it came, the vintage, the barrel, but most of all–its a story of the people that had a hand in it finding its way to you.  It’s about the winemakers and proprietors who are committed to creating greatness with every vintage.

If you have a passion for Pacific Northwest wines, with a story that you can share with your friends and families, then we invite you to join the The Barrel Project–let us share the fantastic wines and stories that we find with you.

Each year we offer those who have joined the project the first opportunity to purchase these unique wines, hand selected by us to represent The Barrel Project. These offerings range from an investment between $300 and $400.  Our offerings each year change according to what we find but we will always offer those who join the project the first right of refusal.

The founders of “The Barrel Project” hope that you take part in our project.  But even if you don’t, we hope that you share our story with those around you.

–The Barrel Project
Michael Neil, Brian White, Roderick Sauskojus, and Brian Barry


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