Perplexing 2016

2016 Purplexing Pinot Noir

The big news this year was the introduction of a new barrel project from none other than Cody Wright of Purple Hands. We are calling it Purplexing. If you have ever had any of his wines you know they are complex and very unique.  This wine will age extremely well. Cody loves wine making and experimentation so each year Purplexing will offer some interesting twists in soil, grape clone, and oak!

This year was a blend of two barrels with Cody throwing in a little Holstein 115 to round out the mid-palate.  This wine provides a dark and opulent Pinot Noir.  Great structure and balanced tannins with big fruit.

– The Barrel Project

Technical Details

3.6 PH, 13.5% Alcohol, Native Fermentations, Unfinned and unfiltered.

BLEND: Holstein 777, Holstein 115, and Freedom Hill Wädenswil

Barrel 1:
Vineyard: Holstein Vineyard
Cooperage (Barrel): Tonnellerie Quintessence New
Clone: Dijon Clone 777

Barrel 2:
Vineyard: Freedom Hill Vineyard
Cooperage (Barrel): DARGAUD & JAEGLE New
Clone: Wädenswil
Production: 48 cases